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Aquaphalt 4.0—Fine Aggregate

Our Aquaphalt 4.0 Fine Aggregate is recommended for filling repairs from .5” to 1” depths. This can include small road repairs as a “crack filler,” utility service line road repairs or “trenching,” coring fills, parking lot repairs, and other small fixes.  

A #1 Rated Product

Aquaphalt is more permanent, eco-friendly, and simpler to use than other concrete and asphalt repair compounds. When compared to others, a Consumer Reports test rated Aquaphalt as #1. Here’s why:  

  • Cold weather-friendly—Aquaphalt can be used in any weather conditions, including cold weather, rain, and sleet.

  • Durable and long-lasting— A case study determined a lifespan of 20 or more years for Aquaphalt, but we also offer a product warranty for three years and a lifetime curing guarantee.  

  • Quick-curing—Aquaphalt only takes 2-12 hours to cure and can be driven over immediately.  

  • Eco-friendly—Unlike most asphalt repair compounds that use toxic petroleum-based solvents, Aquaphalt uses only water as a hardener for its proprietary binder. 

  • Suitable for large-scale tasks—Aquaphalt is frequently used by maintenance contractors for large-scale projects in places like airports, schools and universities, DOTs, storage facilities, and businesses with large parking lots.  

Get in Touch

Ask us questions about Aquaphalt 4.0 Fine Aggregate by visiting our Contact page, where you can find our phone number to speak with us directly or fill out a form. KNS is always happy to help.

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