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Aquaphalt 6.0—Medium Aggregate 

The Aquaphalt 6.0 Medium Aggregate is recommended for asphalt/concrete repairs that need to be filled 1” or more. This often includes potholes, utility service line road repairs, or “trenching,” repairs on parking lots, coring fills, road depressions, and more. 

Rated #1

Aquaphalt is a high-performance patching compound, rated #1 on Consumer Reports for its eco-friendliness, simplicity, and permanence. Some of Aquaphalt’s benefits include: 


  • Cold weather application—Aquaphalt can be applied in any weather, including rain, sleet, or snow.  

  • Durable— Aquaphalts’ case studies concluded a lifetime upwards of 20 years, and KNS offers a lifetime curing guarantee and a product warranty for 3 years. 

  • Quick-curing—Aquaphalt cures within 2-12 hours and can be driven over immediately.  

  • Eco-friendly—The proprietary binder in Aquaphalt hardens just with water, while most asphalt patching compound use petroleum-based solvents.  

  • Useful for large-scale projects—Aquaphalt is commonly used in larger projects and by asphalt maintenance contractors for places like airports, government agencies, universities and schools, DOTs, large businesses or warehouses with parking lots, and more.  


If you have questions about Aquaphalt 6.0 Medium Aggregate and how it applies to your project, visit our Contact page where you can speak with us directly or fill out a form for us to respond to later.

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