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Tru Tack Asphalt Joint Sealer and Tack Coat

Asphalt joint sealer is a light application of asphalt (diluted asphalt emulsion) that acts as a bonding agent. It’s used to join old and new asphalt, prolonging the life of your asphalt repair. It’s a clean, efficient, and easy-to-use tack coat. We recommend using Tru Tack asphalt joint sealer in conjunction with all of our asphalt cold patches. Some of the applications or businesses that have used our tack coat include:

  • Asphalt maintenance contractors 

  • Government agencies 

  • Medical complexes 

  • Airports 

  • Universities and schools 

  • Departments of transportation 

  • Trucking and storage facilities  

  • And any business with a large parking lot! 

We sell Tru Tack asphalt joint sealer by the case (12 cans in a case). If you have questions about Tru Tack or our other cold patching supplies, visit our Contact page. There, you can call us to speak with us directly, or you can fill out a form and we’ll get back to you soon. Additionally, you can visit our FAQ page, where we list answers to some of our customers’ most common questions.

About Us

KNS is a certified woman-owned small business based in Dallas, Texas that distributes top-rated and eco-friendly products for concrete and asphalt repairs. Read more on our About page.

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